Always Use Protection – The Cool Buses are Looking Sweet!

There is some brand new Sweet looking signage to be seen on the Cool Buses around the French Alps at the moment as we have recently struck up a friendship with the cool Norwegian brand Sweet Protection!

Cool Bus Sweet logos

Sweet new logos!

Established as we know them in 2000, Sweet have made a big impact on the action sports industry – notably in the sports of kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and most recently, mountain biking – with their range of top quality helmets, ‘Bearsuit’ pads, protective and technical clothing. Starting all that time ago with a snowboarding helmet that caught the eye of none other than Terje Håkonsen, Sweet now have a massive presence in the industry and an ever-growing team of sponsored athletes. Mountain biking is the newest discipline to be added to the list but it fits in perfectly – never has a full face helmet and body armour been more necessary! The Fixer helmet is pick of the bunch for us! Check out Sweet sponsored rider Makken Haugen wearing it at the Nine Knights contest here.

Cool Bus Sweet logos

New Sweet logos!

Here at Cool Bus we have at some point in our lives, been heavily involved in all of the sports that Sweet represent and certainly on many occasions have appreciated and been thankful for good kit and a hard hat! Bourg-Saint-Maurice and the surrounding areas of the French Alps is a mecca for all of these sports too so who better to represent!

We look forward to being protected!